Monday, May 31, 2010

Helping Hands

My kids thumped though the door of the kitchen carrying between them a large basket of dry laundry.
"Did you guys take the laundry off the line?"  I laughed.
They had, and then my oldest put some more on.  It was really cute, and really helpful.  Really.  I'm totally against child labor in the real world, but here, at the house, I am all for it.  I believe in an entire family working together doing jobs that make them feel a part of things and gives each a sense of accomplishment.  I definitely get some push back.  My 4 year old will say things like "Why do I have to do everything around here."  Luckily this is too funny to rile me up.  One of her unofficial jobs is to let the cat in when he meows at a door.  This is pretty annoying, as he can come in and out many many times during the day, but I think that because Noodles is alive she can see that doing this job actually takes care of something that needs her.

Anyway, they did the laundry and helped clean up outside without being asked and it was extremely adorable. 

That black plastic is my pile of Japanese Knowtweed that is actually still growing under there!

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