Monday, May 10, 2010

Wild Lettuce

I picked some wild lettuce the other day. You can eat the young leaves and the developing flower heads, although it's too early for them just yet.  The Peterson Field Guide for edible wild plants say that they're a little bitter, but I found that compared to most wild greens they were pretty mild.  They also don't have that "planty" taste that many wild foods have.  I am aware that plants taste like plants because that is what they are,  but I'm talking about a flavor that makes your untried American taste buds ask your brain, "Hmmm, are you feeding me grass?  Because this salad taste like a mowed lawn. No? OK, just checking."

I chopped them up with some violet leaves and added them to some bulger I had made with carrots, raisins and a little cumin.  I just waited until the bulger was nice and hot and the carrots tender and added the greens on top and covered the pan.  That way they were just lightly steamed and kept their color.  Although I did notice that the leftovers sported a decidedly hunter green wild lettuce, but still, it tasted fine.  It was really nice to bring home dinner in this way again. I'm not sure what's next on the menu, I have to look at the calender, but I'm excited that our cold spring is finally starting to produce some lunch!

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