Monday, May 24, 2010

Pink Mashed Potatoes

One of my secret food loves is mashed potatoes from a box.  Really.  When I'm sick I want potato buds with a dollop of butter.  I often fantasize about going into school cafeterias and ordering the stuff because really, the cardboardy-butter flavor and grammar school paste-like texture all wrapped up in the magical "this was served with an ice cream scoop and a frown" shape is like heaven to me.  But, of course, we never really have them in the house because I tend not to buy boxed foods.  But for my birthday my hubby served me up a big plate for lunch.  We didn't finish the whole box so I had decided to make some for the girls for lunch. I am also trying to finish off the last of the preserved harvest from last year.  This includes little vacuum sealed packages of dried beets.  What I thought I'd do with them I don't know, but if they are soaked in some water the water turns a wonderful pink.  I've been using it (the water that is--the beets get thrown in the compost) to cook with.  So far I have had the best results using beet water in my tortillas, they make a real true pink tortilla.  My other experiments--pasta, crackers--haven't been so pretty, not bad, just not really pink.  But put them in some mashed potato buds and you get a really stunning result! They are HOT PINK. 

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